Почему я должен делать резервные копии моих файлов?

A backup is a copy of data stored in a different location than the original files. This way, the original data can be restored if it becomes inaccessible or is deleted. People who do not back up are taking a big risk—if their files are deleted, there's no way to recover them.

Backups are the most reliable, easiest, and safest way to recover your data in case of its loss. They save you a lot of time and resources that you would otherwise have to spend on recovering the lost data. For any business, data is one of the most important assets. Can you imagine a business that has lost all its customer data? This could cause huge financial losses. It would also damage the company's reputation and reduce customer confidence.

Backups should be done often—the more often, the less damage to your project in case of data loss, and they need to be checked regularly—it would be a shame if it turns out that your backup system does not work for half a year. Back up your projects or entrust this task to qualified people.

mintme.host automatically creates backups every second day for all paid hosting accounts users. To create a backup manually, please follow the instructions here.